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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. At what age can my child join a learn to skate program?

Answer: There is no minimal age requirements however we recommend starting at age 3. The child must accept to go on the ice without his parents. 


2. Are parents allowed on the ice?

Answer: No, the parents are not allowed to go on the ice with their child due to safety and liability issues. 


3. How can I register my child in the Preschool / Canskate programs?

Answer: Registrations are done online through our website. Create a member's account under the parent's name and add a participant (your child). Select a program for your child. If you do not know the appropriate program for your child, see question #10. Payments are accepted by credit card only. For any questions, contact us:


4. What equipment does my child require to join the Preschool/Canskate program?

Answer: Your child will require a CSA approved helmet. The visor or helmet cage is not mandatory however we recommend it for the beginners. Dress your child with warm clothes without to much bulkiness. Snowsuits are often too bulky. A nylon splash pant type, warm sweater and jacket and good mittens are recommended. The skates (hockey/ringette or figure skates) are of your choice.


5. At what time do skaters start wearing a skating dress?

Answer: In general, when skaters reach the levels 5 or 6 of the Canskate program, girls start wearing a skating dress, but this is not mandatory. The dress is mandatory starting at the Junior level during evaluation, fun skate and competition events. For any regular practice, starting at the junior level, straight leggings are recommended to avoid getting the bottom of the pants caught by the blades.


6. Where can I find the fees to register for a session?

Answer: See our website in the 'Registration' section.


7. Where can I find the detailed schedule of the offered programs?

Answer: See our website in the 'Schedule' section.


8. If my child does not like skating, can I get a refund?

Answer: The Preschool and Canskate A, B and C skaters may withdraw from the session after a trial of the two first classes and get a 95% refund. Some fees will apply for a withdraw starting at the third class of a given session.

For the Junior to Senior-elite groups, there are no refunds except for unusual circonstances. Please consult one of the Co-Presidents or the VP-Finances for details.

In case of injury, consult the Injury Refund Policy in the Rules and Policy Section on our website. 


9. What is the child/coach ratio on the ice?

Answer: The ratio is 10 skaters for one professional/assistant coach. Our coaches are professionals certified by Skate Canada. We also have higher level skaters who are Program Assistants. All PA have followed a training course to help out on Canskate sessions.


10. In which group should I register my child?


Preschool A for children with no skating experience, 2 to 5 years old (2 sessions per week). Preschool C for children with no skating experience, 2 to 5 years old (1 session per week)

CanSkate A for children of 6 years old and older with no skating experience (2 sessions per week). CanSkate C for children of 6 years old and older with no skating experience (1 session per week).

If your child has skate before (can skate and get back up on their own) or if your child has already skated in one of our programs and is in one the 1 to 6 levels, you can register them in CanSkate A or B (2 sessions per week) or CanSkate C (1 session per week).

Coaches will evaluate all skaters and place them in the proper group. For all questions:


11. How can we find out if skating is cancelled due to a snowstorm?

Answer: See the Cancellation Info page on the City of Dieppe website: Cancellation Info - Dieppe

If the arena is open, our skating sessions will be offered. Please drive safely!

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Le Club de Patinage Lames d’or de Dieppe a pour mandat de permettre à quiconque d’apprendre à patiner et de continuer de patiner au cours de leur vie, que ce soit pour le plaisir, pour rester en forme ou pour réaliser des exploits. ~ The Dieppe Gold Blades Skating Club is dedicated to the principles of enabling anyone to learn to skate and continue to skate throughout their lifetime, for fun, fitness, and/or achievement.